aga re-enamelling from blake & bull

The full process of re-enamelling is complicated and time consuming but if you’re really interested you can find out more on-line (its a bit boring!). Unless you are willing to live with mess of a de constructed Aga for around a month what Matthew actually does is a kind of part exchange.

Your old enamel top, lids and towel rail are swapped for beautiful re-enamelled ones over the course of a day. Aga tops are replaced along with new lids, towel rail brackets and the rail itself – it simply doesn’t look right otherwise!

When combined with a deep clean of the Aga front, new door liners and seals and sundry items like badges (where required) you’ll have what looks like a new Aga but with all its history with your family still intact and warming the kitchen as always!

Costs start from £1200 depending on your location and which other bits and bobs you may need. Its never possible to give an accurate quote over the web like this so do give us a ring on 07912 485277 and have a chat.

One final thing! You may have noticed (!) that Matthew cleans Agas as well as re-enamelling them. It definitely worth a chat about this option before you plump for a full re-enamelling as you’d be amazed at the results he can achieve at a lower cost! You can find out more information here.