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1296 cups of tea!

We have worked out that with the KWH savings you could make when swapping from a 13amp singular element electric Aga range cooker to a sophisticated multi element system! You could save enough to make {at least} 1296 cups of tea!

How much money can I save converted to electrikit
With an electrikit conversion we recommend that you switch to an electric kettle for busy days, relaxing into brunch days and a traditional hotplate kettle as a treat! With one KWH of electricity you can boil around 6 kettles, that is around 24 cups of tea. Moving from 13 amp to Electrikit you could boil 162 kettles {with the KWH saving you make}, that's 1296 cups of tea a week with an electric kettle. 


How did we do the maths and why is it this much of a saving! {the science!}


A 13amp singular element system relies on the traditional combustion heat transfer method. Heat has to travel from Element {burner substitute} to the flue, heating the ovens and plates as it goes. If insulation is poor, system not well built, flue overdrawing, and best practice not followed, running costs escalate up and up {see here how much}. This little illustration shows the convoluted journey that the heat has to take.. 

When we convert your Aga range cooker we will task separate elements to heat the different zones of your range. You can scale up and reduce the parts that you use as you need them. They are controllable and thermostatic, which makes a world of difference in electric use, around 162 KWH in fact!

We took that saving figure, and worked out how many kettles that would boil, and therefor how many cuppas could be brewed!