Can you put Aga oven thermometer in hot oven?

Um, yes! Our Aga thermometers are fine to be popped straight into your Aga's roasting oven. Put a shelf on the middle set of runners and then pop the thermometer on it approx halfway to the back of the oven. Adjust your Aga until the thermometer reads 235 degrees c. Done! 

Aga oven thermometer

Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


Matthew is from a farming family near Bath and a graduate of King's College London who decided not to follow the 'standard' path into banking or the law. He has been working with Aga's in some form or another since 2003. Matthew runs Blake and Bull from beautiful Bradford on Avon, near Bath. Alf the golden retriever makes sure the working day finishes at 6pm sharp - dog walk time!