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A Classy Noughties Cooker With Our Pot Racks!

A 20 (ish) year old Aga Classic range cooker, still looking fabulous! We are loving the work of @dalmenyandself ! They are an interior refurbisher Co. and purveyors of antique treasures. The way that they have handled this large recess particularly caught our attention, a very clever use of our pot racks and large scale mirrors.

This is quite some cooker! It doesn't overpower the space though. The clever use of the mirror as a splash back bounces light around and makes it seem less imposing, visually doubling up the space in an optical illusion.

The Classic Aga range cooker with a companion module, from circa 2000, takes all the styling from an Aga Standard 1941-1956, but makes it more streamlined. A homage to the origins of these magnificent cookers. The second one that we have seen this week, what a treat!

Thank you to @dalmenyandself for the tag, magnificent work! We are chuffed to see our pot shelves in such good company. Two span the back of this alcove, offering a practical solution for pot storage, clothes drying, herb drying, or just a collection of your favourite things! 

We liked Julie's picture of our pot shelf & drying track al lot too! - "Pot shelf great for drying my shallots!"

Julie gave her pot rack 5 stars when she treated herself to one - "Excellent product and keeps my pots within easy reach" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Thank you Julie! 🙂

< Get the look, our pot racks come with a flue cut out or without!