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A Mini Refurb, some new insulation, a scrub up, some new 'clothes' - One happy cooker

Meet Oscar, who also goes by the name 'whathaveyoudone' and 'whyisthishere!'

A great result for our customer Camilla who took on the Mini Refurb of her 14 year old cooker and won! And after treating herself to some new textiles to dress her up, the family pooch is rather impressed with the effect, but not so enamoured with the fact that he can no longer run off with the towel!  

"We've upgraded the insulation, done the DIY Mini Refurb with door and lid liners, cleaned it, sworn at it, then dressed up our 14 year old cooker in brand new clothes and rack. ... My favourite piece is the velcro tea towel as the dog cannot steal it off the rail! Thank you for your great service on all the products we have bought, great instructions and good quality products!" ⭐"

Do send us pictures of your DIY cleaning success and any disgruntled pooches!