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A Perfect Place For A Pup!

Danna, the lovely English Bull Terrier, has chosen the perfect spot to make sure she always has a warm blanket ready for her over Christmas, and it's bound to smell deliciously festive with the orange slices drying next to it on our Blake & Bull airer for Aga range cookers. 

Danna the dog

You can see Carolyn’s full review below:

"Loving using my Blake & Bull airer, one to dry dog blankets and two to dry orange slices for my Christmas wreath (smells of Christmas already). Danna our English Bull Terrier is sat in her favourite spot … Best product for my Stove so far."

decorations for aga range cookers

If you’re feeling inspired by Carolyn and her festive dried orange decorations, we have the perfect blog post for you; Dried orange slices for wreaths, garlands and tree decorations! 

Simply cut your oranges into slices (approximately 1/2 cm to 1 cm), place them on our ‘fits on runners’ baking tray, and pop them into the simmering oven for 4-6 hours! The end result is fragrant, festive dried orange slices perfect for threading through a garland with cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and sprigs of holly, or even just use as hanging decorations for your Christmas tree.