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A Puppy Simply Too Gorgeous Not To Share !

This is Archie, here he is seen waiting for Philipto arrive to refurbish the top of this Aga range cooker..

"We are proud owners of Archie, a golden retriever puppy who arrived with us a week ago! He loves the Aga and he can't wait to help you do the refurb on Monday!" Jane

Proud you should be Jane, he is just gorgeous. Those cheeky chops and puppy paws! 

re-enamelling work suitable for aga range cookers

Now, my instructions have been not to advertise that we can refurb just your top, as we are (happily) in demand and fully booked now until the end of October (for installations of our e-cookrange, ⚡️ conversions and re-enamelling), which means that we cannot fit any new bookings of this work in for now.

But I could not resist showing you Archie, and Jane's really rather lovely, and now very shiny re-enamelled (top only) Aga range cooker..

Blake and bull refurbishment reconditioning re-enamelling services suitable for Aga range cookers"Over the moon with the refurbished hob! So impressed with this company... the ethos, the people and the standard of service they provide. And Archie the Aga range cooker pup loves the new look, too!" Jane

Thank you Jane! 

Katy x

Ian Weeks

Ian Weeks

Ian is a very well travelled local chap and our ultra reliable general manager. He joined Blake & Bull after many years in the bike industry and is still a keen cyclist. If Ian is not on his bike then you'll find him in his garden. He is unfailingly friendly and cheerful - give us a call and ask for him if you have a re-enamelling or conversion query!