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Adventures with a simmering oven- Katy cooks hand cut pink salt, paprika and pepper crisps!

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A satisfyingly healthy & super crunchy alternative to shop bought crisps, made using the residual heat in your simmering oven. Make as a snack or as a garnish for main meals. Full recipe here..

I wanted to see if you could use the residual heat in your simmering oven to create your very own healthy crunchy crispy veg snacks - perfect for the party season. King Edwards were my spud of choice, firm and waxy, they hold their shape well. I added parsnip too - my favourite veg I think, especially when in season, so sweet. 

Add your slices to a bowl containing pre-seasoned water. I used just salt, I might try a spoon of marmite next, or wine vinegar. Soaked for around 10 mins they take on the flavour of the water.

Once dried out a little on a t-towel, after draining, the slices are ready to be laid out methodically on a baking tray with liner (pre-heated). I found this quite calming, making a dotty pattern, not over lapping the slithers. The heavy tray that I used is wide, fits on runners & is fab at holding heat!

After 30 mins I had crispy delicious snacks, and was ready to pop in another then another tray. I was amazed that with no oil, they hardened so well. The cast iron tray that I used, retains heat really well too, so when laying out another tray of crisps, I didn't lose too much heat. 

Once crisp, season in a bag or large bowl with the paprika, pepper and salt then pop them in a serving dish of your choice, or just eat immediately! Next I am going to try Onion salt, vinegar in the soaking water, dried herbs....Let us know how you get on too!