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Adventures with drying racks! Maddy and her family show us family life with a range cooker!

Maddy, her partner, their daughter and menagerie live on a working farm. They love their range cooker. And we loved it when Maddy replied to our 'weird things you dry on your range cooker?' appeal with this photo! Oh my goodness, our hearts melted!

When Maddy's partner comes in from working on the farm, often soaked, he hangs his coat and damp boots up in front of the range cooker at night so they’re dry by the morning. Last year when their heating was broken, the range was their only real source of warmth in the house and they hovered in front of it all day! Maddy has even been known to have sat on the floor and put her feet inside it to warm them up too! 👣


They make great use of their rack, anything that gets wet and needs drying goes on top! When the office at the farm got flooded they had to dry out hundreds of cattle passports that got wet and they were laid out all over the cooker - lifesaver! And it has been known to actually save lives, when lambs are born a little small or in need of warmth and a helping hand. 


We love this use best of all though! Maddy's daughter often gets in a painting frenzy, and once in a flow the paintings need to be dried quickly! Laid out on the rack they are soon ready to adorn the fridge! Maddy also employs the family toasterto do this too, resting this on the top in a picture sandwich! 


The family farm's garden walnut harvest dries in boxes slowly on the rack. 


Being a busy farm and family too, when something needs drying quickly the range and rack are invaluable. Maddy's partner's football kit dried in record time after it had been forgotten and kick off was in an hour! And if the bathroom towel rack has a glitch, warm cosy towels after a hard days farming are on tap! 


All in all Maddy's rack and family cooker help her and her brood enjoy life that little bit more, and we think thats a rather good thing! Thank you for sharing Maddy!