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Barrels for Bakes? We would never say no!

Here at Blake & Bull we're all about being as environmentally friendly as possible! If a slice of cake happens to land in our lap at the same time, well, we definitely wouldn't say no!

Louise lives locally to our HQ in Wiltshire & took the plunge in October to buy one of our reconditioned Aga range cookers, complete with an Electrikit conversion, installed in her beautiful kitchen! ''She’s simply beautiful, glossy and shiny and I love her!'' - have a read of Louise's review here!

Cream Aga range cooker

We were so glad that Louise loved her reconditioned Aga range cooker, and even better yet, she took a liking to the barrel units & baffle plates inside. These units are a waste product of our removals team and we usually responsibly recycle them. However, Louise's keen upcycling eye saw the potential for these to become planters outside the front of her picturesque home! (Is there anything an Aga range cooker can't do!?) 

Knowing that Louise is an avid baker, we struck a deal! A delicious lemon drizzle cake in exchange for some barrel units! We were super happy to see our, normally recycled, barrels being put to use!

The engineers devoured the cake, and rightly so! Cake's really do taste amazing when lovingly baked in an Aga range cooker.

Have a further look at Louise's Instagram post about the barrels! & pick yourself up some idea's for cakes to bake in your Aga range cooker!

flower planter Aga barrel Lemon drizzle cake bake