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Cleaning Kings Of The Country!

Anyone else finding themselves scrubbing and cleaning to fill some of the hours at home? Thanks to kings_inthe_country for this pristine picture! 

Psst.. there is a badge there really, we digitally remove them, it is a trademark after all! 

Blake and Bull cleaning kits and pastes suitable for use on Aga range cooker enamel

"..quite a few of you were interested in seeing 'after' photos of the Aga range cooker after its 'restoration Sunday'. I didn't realise people would be that invested in it 😂🤷😂. So here she is! It took 8 hours in total but I think it was worth it! It's so clean and shiny and almost looks blue, it's pewter. However it looked the same colour as the top before. Anyone with an Aga range cooker I really recommend trying the @blakeandbull deep cleaning kit, it's done a fantastic job and has saved us from buying a new Aga!!! £26 Vs £ brainer really!!!" 

< More on our cleaning kits - Get your spring clean on! 

Katy Boys

Katy Boys

Katy is a rural girl at heart. She loves long walks, home cooking, paddling in rivers, warm fires and socks and stomping in leaves with her children. After studying ‘drawing stuff’ at university in Bath, Katy spent 10 years selling wares and managing folk at Habitat in Bath. Welcoming children into her world prompted her to return to drawing things, people and places from home. This led her to us at Blake & Bull and the rest is history. She draws our stuff, provides cuddles for the office dog, and is here to chat to you lovely lot.