Cost to convert an Aga to electric (Aga electric conversion prices)

Conversion costs are relatively simple. We can simply convert your cooker to electric or combine with re-enamelling the hob/lids and or the front in a colour of your choice. In this case the cost is reduced as we already have the cooker partly or fully broken down. These prices are a guide, albeit an accurate one, only as we create detailed line by line quotes for all work. 

Aga electric conversion only (tier 1)...

  • All 2 oven cookers £2863 + VAT
  • All 4 oven cookers £3184 + VAT
  • Note... a travel charge would apply in addition to this depending on your location. We don't charge for time, its for diesel, coffee and Twix's!

Aga electric conversion when combined with, separately quoted, hob & lids re-enamelling (tier 2)...

  • All 2 oven cookers £2463 + VAT
  • All 4 oven cookers £2784 + VAT

Aga electric conversion prices when combined with, separately quoted, complete (hob/lids/front/doors) re-enamelling (tier 3)...

  • All 2 oven cookers £2063 + VAT
  • All 4 oven cookers £2384 + VAT

The process for booking your conversion in is easy!

  1. Give me a call on 01225 931828 and we can have a chat about your Aga and its electric conversion and/or enamelling requirements, doesn't take long!
  2. Send me some pictures, smartphone quality is fine, to
  3. We'll reply, to your e-mail address, with a full quote and our recommendations.
  4. If you are happy with the quote drop us a line or give us a call and we'll find a convenient appointment for you.
  5. To confirm the appointment we'll need a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the expected bill which allows us to get all the parts ordered.
  6. We'll then turn up when agreed, fit your new parts and remove the old bits. Job done!

Find out more on our 'Aga electric conversions homepage'

Aga electric electrikit conversion prices cost

Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


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