June 19, 2017

'Electrikit' Aga range cooker conversion electric supply requirements

The 'Electrikit' simply wires into two 13amp fused spurs (simple hard wired plugs basically!). These can be a separate circuit or part of an existing circuit. You'll need an electrician to install these in a hidden spot close to your Aga range cooker before our arrival. 

The best place for the spurs is below worktop level to the left hand side of the Aga range cooker but it can go either side if need be. You can use a switched or standard spur. Basically tell your electrician to bear in mind that we need to run power cables to the spurs from the cooker and if they are visible so will the cabling be! 

  • The hob elements are each rated at 1.4kw so with both hobs in action your maximum requirement is for 2.8kw. The hobs run off one of the two 13amp fused spurs.
  • The oven element is 1.8kw with a further 850w oven element if your cooker is a 4 oven model. The ovens, with a maximum requirement of 1.8Kw for a 2 oven model and 2.65kw for a 4 oven model, run off the other fused spur.

Find out more on our 'Aga range cooker electric conversions homepage'

Aga fused spur

Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


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