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Ellie The Rescue Pup Finds A Warm Home & An Aga Range Cooker Puzzle!

This is Ellie, she now resides in the home of proud Aga range cooker owners J&P. She is a rescued American Bulldog, from The Dogs Trust..

'..She is very friendly but so strong and will pull on her lead whenever she sees another person/dog/horse, etc. as she just wants to say hello and play with everyone!' Elliie's Human, Justina says!

J&P invited Peter our deep clean and upgrade technician to Wales when they inherited this 4 oven heritage Standard Aga Range cooker. You can see the results of the transformation here in this story. {< please click}

A rescue puppy warm and cosy infront of a 4 oven Aga range cookerSince we visited, J&P have kept in touch. They sent us a photo of the screen with hooks that you see in the right of the photo. We thought maybe a lamb screen? To protect them when they are warmed through after being orphaned in the lower warming cupboard? We were not sure so opened the floor up for the community to guess!


A few of the community agreed with us, other suggestions were 'pantry guard' and 'heat shield for toddlers'.. What would be your guess? Let us know.. 


It has been put to perfect use to protect young Ellie {new to Aga range cookers just like her owners} from the intense heat of this 13amp conversion.


This model has been converted to a simple 13amp system historically {not by us}. The insulation upgrades that we provided alongside the deep clean will help improve heat loss for this model. We re-insulate the lids & doors, and make sure all seals are up to date. Under hob insulation is checked and upgraded on request too. Long term this model would benefit from a more sophisticated electric conversion.

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