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From little acorns... the story of a mighty refurb and one happy customer!

From simple beginnings, small acts of kindness, and good customer service has lead to a successful result, and a very happy customer! 

It started with a simple purchase, which had a slight hiccup but fortunately turned into a positive experience. The customer has now returned to have their 2 oven post 1974 Aga range cooker converted from oil to electric, and a mini refurbishment.

Congratulations to the fabulous team at Blake and Bull HQ, and our technician Julian.

The customer writes...

"I chose Blake and Bull after much research and also having bought some Aga pads from them a couple of years ago. These didn’t last very long so I complained and got a no quibble immediate replacement. And a gentle suggestion from Matthew that perhaps my Aga was running at too high a temperature ……this got me thinking about electrifying it. Good customer service is so important, and in this case got B&B the much bigger sale!

Julian was extremely professional and knowledgeable, very easy to have in the house, the job took less time than I thought it would and I feel like I have a new Aga. I am so delighted with the result. The Aga is very easy to use, much warmer than anticipated and so I don’t think we will need extra heating in the kitchen in the winter. The only drawback seems to be the thinking ahead for a big cook up but that can be managed and I have a small gas hob as a back up. It is a huge relief to think there will be no more - greasy black deposits around the kitchen, breathing in oil fumes and oil particulate matter, temperature gradually declining as the burner chokes up….and finally going out, usually on a big occasion, servicing twice a year, oven and hob temperature declining with use. 

Customer service and back up from B&B was just excellent from start to finish. Thank you"


Newly refubished Cream Aga range cooker

Wonderful feedback from our lovely customer in Lincolnshire, thank you! 

This is why we love what we do! 

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