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Getting range ready! seasoning your cast iron pans for the new season.

We've been talking to you lovely lot and it seems that you are filling the log stores, dusting down your enamel and getting ready to fire up your range. Make sure to not overlook your cast iron pans!

If you cook with spun, cast or black iron pots and pans then re-seasoning should be an important part of taking care of your kitchenware. This natural and organic flax oil, from Netherton Foundry, is perfect for keeping your pots and pans easy to clean.

And if you don't have cast iron yet and if like me are easily subject to a bit of pan envy then we have the perfect pans!

This fantastic iron frying pan, has a sturdy riveted handle, by Netherton Foundry in the UK. This one is pre-seasoned with flax oil, so you can relax on the seasoning this year! The hand made British oak handle is held in place with two brass fixings, stir up a bit of pan envy yourself! 


Happy Weekend! Katy x

Ian Weeks

Ian Weeks

Ian is a very well travelled local chap and our ultra reliable general manager. He joined Blake & Bull after many years in the bike industry and is still a keen cyclist. If Ian is not on his bike then you'll find him in his garden. He is unfailingly friendly and cheerful - give us a call and ask for him if you have a re-enamelling or conversion query!