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Halloween Chocolate Gingerbread - ghoulish gremlins, menacing mummies, spooky spirits, toothy tarantula!... what will you make?

Here is a lovely bake to make with the kids today if you're on half term, eagerly awaiting trick or treating! Antonia road tested our heavy duty baking sheet, and it turned out some fab gingerbread! Happy Halloween!

How to make gingerbread in an Aga range cooker

"What a fantastic and sturdy piece of kit - ideal for use with the Aga. It is pre-seasoned so has a naturally non-stick surface - biscuits came off easily with no crumbs left on the tray. It has a very handy raised lip at one end which makes it so much easier to grasp when lifting out of the ovens - what a great idea. Made from iron, it holds heat very well so would be ideal for pre-heating for when you wish to achieve a nice crisp base (e.g. a pizza)." Antonia