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Happy Folk Happy In Their Work

On the drive into work this morning through the lanes of Wiltshire, I was listening to Tanya Muneera on the radio talking about making safe spaces for ourselves and it made me think about how important the homes and spaces of our customers are. 

We are in the privileged position to be invited across thresholds throughout the UK. I was very proud to be passed mail from Matthew today, from a customer who was very happy to have shared her home with us. 

Ian stepped into engineer Matt's shoes yesterday (as he on well deserved annual leave) and joined Philip (head on-site engineer) in Hampshire.

Jane (homeowner) was a joy to be around and made us feel very welcome in her precious home. 

blake and bull blake & bull textiles kitchen ware cookware oven trays oven shelves baking trays loaf tins, recipes suitable for Aga and Rayburn range cookers - reconditioned aga range cookers electric aga range cookers re-enamelling services suitable for aga range cookers enamel repair restore spares suitable for use on and in Aga range cookers. Philip (left) & Ian (right) taking brief respite from moving a gas module, in thankfully not too hot weather. 

Jane sent us this photo of our boys - "A truly fantastic job - thank you, Matthew - it is been an absolute pleasure working with you and Blake and Bull from beginning to end!! - I am THRILLED. Jane xxx"

Now I cannot share a pic of the cooker (electric conversion)just yet, because (understandably) Jane is excited to share a full 'reveal' when her kitchen of dreams has come together! 

We have just booked our first December re-enamelling job this week too! Happily in demand, and proud to be invited into your homes! 



Katy Boys

Katy Boys

Katy is a rural girl at heart. She loves long walks, home cooking, paddling in rivers, warm fires and socks and stomping in leaves with her children. After studying ‘drawing stuff’ at university in Bath, Katy spent 10 years selling wares and managing folk at Habitat in Bath. Welcoming children into her world prompted her to return to drawing things, people and places from home. This led her to us at Blake & Bull and the rest is history. She draws our stuff, provides cuddles for the office dog, and is here to chat to you lovely lot.