How not to clean your Aga range cooker!

I have another cleaning product to add to the list (along with Cillit Bang!) NOT to use on Aga range cooker enamel. Rebecca, heartbroken owner of an electric Aga range cooker barely a month old, e-mailed me these pictures yesterday and I have tried to help but reluctantly concluded that the top glaze of the enamel has been damaged. You can see it below. 

enamel damaged by cleaning

The product in question is Dettol 'Power & Pure' - it does not say to avoid use on enamel but it doesn't say it is safe for it either so do bear that in mind when looking at cleaning products. I always advise to have a good scrub when the cooker is off and cold with hot soapy water or to use one of our cleaning kits. There are so many chemicals in household cleaning sprays that it is difficult to know if they are in a combination that will damage enamel. 


Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


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