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In-House Fabric Design & How We Do It

This review from Debra made us all smile on our return to work on Monday,...

"what's not to love"

"I’m more than pleased with my Chickens textile set for my green range cooker. It’s just perfect. The manufacture and attention to detail is first class. The thought that has gone into the colour combinations of the chooks means it will match any colour cooker. Thick, plush material with a very practical application. There is nothing to fault here, it’s simply an outstanding British product to be very proud of. Thanks Blake & Bull. Debra "

We are proud as we put a lot of love into this, and all, our designs. We thought you'd like to see how...

Katy, who trained as an illustrator as well as having a retail career, starts by doing a ton of rough sketches. Then (surrounded by discarded paper and pencil shavings) moves onto her computer.





The rough sketches are then refined, a couple of times over, using a digital stylus and pencil. As you can see each line is refined until the shape and more importantly the character of the bird appears. Once this stage is complete, 'watercolour' colour is dropped in in blocks and layered, almost like a paper collage would be. Paint strokes and pencil marks are then laid over, again digitally, to complete the illustration. 


This rather serious and proud cockerel features in our final pattern design, 


Some elements however made the design just too busy, like these feathers, they may just pop up on future products though! 

Pulling together the birds for the first time, we started to see them come to life, each having a character of their own. 

In our first draft the white chook was brown, we think that the white makes her that bit more plucky!

We are proud of our chicken design, even more so as our textiles are made exclusively for us, in our own design and in the UK. You can read more about the quality of our hob covers here.


And here they are in Debra's lovely home, thank you Debra!