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Introducing Two New Blake & Bull Colours; 'Oak Moss' and 'Peoli Yellow'

To put it lightly, 2021 has been a year of highs and lows! As the country began to rediscover nature, and take more solace in the safety of their home, there was a clear shift in colour trends being used nationwide - and we couldn’t help but notice.

This led our wonderful team to create two new, bespoke colours, both in keeping with our newfound love of nature and its comforting qualities.

It was clear that our spaces reflected our need to feel calm, cosy and safe. Traditional Aga colours (like cream and navy) began to give way to more naturally vibrant tones.
This was the biggest inspiration for the talented people here at Blake & Bull. Soon, they were coming up with two brand new, exclusive enamel colours: ‘Peoli Yellow’ and ‘Oak Moss’.
Nature, and welcoming its calming qualities into our lives, was the key inspiration behind these new tones. It was very much a concept of bringing the outside in; while creating a warm and inviting space for everyone inside our homes. 
Whilst we know that colour trends are always changing, the last two years have seen the most definitive shift. One thing we know for sure, is that creating a sanctuary within our homes feels more important than ever; whether that means creating warmer, cosier spaces, or adding more organic, earthy tones throughout.
With this in mind, it's finally time to meet the stars of our show!
This joyful, uplifting colour, was inspired by the Peoli flower found along the northern hills of Uttarakhand in Northern India. Blooming in spring, this flower is a symbol of hope and warmth after the long, cold winters in this part of the world. 

Peoli Yellow from Blake and bull

When coming up with this unique shade, we really wanted it to add an element of positivity and optimism to every kitchen that it graces.

peoli yellow blake and bull aga range cooker

This rich tone is perfect for any home, but especially a kitchen; where it will add warmth, comfort and happiness to your space (much like its floral counterpart!). You may have also noticed that this is also the colour of the Blake & Bull Showroom’s Aga range cooker!


When creating this colour, our team wanted to find a shade that wasn't as bright and lively as ‘Mint’, but also wasn't as dark and rich as ‘British Racing Green’. The result was of this research and our organic inspiration was ‘Oak Moss’! 

Oak Moss from blake and bull

Alongside the natural textiles and wooden accents in our studio, we think it offers the perfect feeling of calm and tranquillity to match any kitchen. Kitchens are often seen as the heart of the home, and this beautiful colour perfectly highlights that organic spirit.

Oak Moss Aga Range Cooker from blake and bull

Samples for both 'Oak Moss' and 'Peoli Yellow' are available to order on our website now. Or, if you would like to talk through the re-enamelling options available for your Aga range cooker, or contact us now - just give us a call, or drop us an email.

Please note, different screens, light quality and resolutions will make each colour look slightly different. For the best representation it is best to order a sample.