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It's a Vegan Christmas...Cake


🥄  STIR UP SUNDAY 🥄  Is this weekend! The term comes from the Anglican Common Book of Prayer, "Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people,". It is believed that wishes come true on this day, as each member of the family commits their wish to the cake as they take a turn stirring the mix from East to West. This action is made this way in homage to the journey taken by the wise men to the crib, in the Nativity story. Traditionally a day to make the family Christmas pudding with 13 ingredients to faithfully represent the 13 disciples of Jesus. Charms and coins were also placed for luck and safe passage through life - bestowed on the finder, but not so good for your teeth! Best avoided!

The day is an opportunity to embrace the Christmas season, and start it with family at the centre. Gather around you those whom you love, and ask them to join you in your 'Stir-Up'. 

You will find what we think is the best and most simple vegan Christmas cake recipe here, you'll need to make a start the night before soaking the fruit, and maybe yourself, in booze! Smooth your aprondown, get your best spoon, gather your wishes, and have a jolly old mix up!