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Joyful Handcrafted Splash backs!

We thought that you would like to see this! tricia jones is a mosaic artist who creates cheerful characterful kitchen splash backs. She contacted us this week, and we thought 'how can we not share?!'

How wonderful would it be to have something carefully compiled, piece by piece? Goodness, you could even include precious broken family china in the design, so that it lives on! 


Bespoke mosiac splash backs behind Aga range cookersI love the jewel like grapes, plump and ripe in this photo! It must be so much fun for Tricia to build the shapes and colours. She is a skilled story tellerthrough her art too, catching character in the animals that she features...


Bespoke mosiac splash backs behind Aga range cookersDoesn't this look fab! Check out that cheeky mouse! Proportionally it works so well and brings the carefully selected vintage unit to life. The inherant Italianate styling works so well with this marble top too.


This family crest is magnificent and is the perfect 'crown' the the family Aga range cooker! What would yours say? Mine would certainly say something like 'loving family just on the edge of sane and does not iron'... or something similar! 

And the colours...

It would have to be something like Tricia's bio diversity workI could happily live in a kitchen full of happy bugs and bright leaves!