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Not One, But TWO 5 Star Reviews!

We received not one, but TWO 5 star reviews from a very lovely customer! 

They recently purchased the Heavy Duty Enamel Cleaning Kit for their post ‘74 deluxe Aga range cooker. 

Well written advice. My cooker has never looked better. Great kit.”

Yellow Aga Heavy duty enamel cleaning kit

They also bought our Blake & Bull charcoal herringbone Oven Glove, which we think looks brilliant next to the bright yellow cooker in their kitchen! 

“Great addition to the kitchen. Looks great and high-quality material. Easy to use and great grip on all pans and tins. Colour perfect for our cooker.”

Yellow aga range cooker oven glove herringbone

We’re sure there are some eagle-eyed readers out there that may have noticed something a little different about this cooker - there is a post ‘74 front and a post ‘95 hob! 

Aga range cookers that look like this were often installed in 1995 (we’re not too sure about this cooker) and were in the process of using the last of the post ‘74 fronts with the new design that was introduced in 1995. 

For those who know about Aga range cookers, this is nearly impossible to spot on a 2 oven, but on this 4 oven deluxe it’s a little easier to tell - all thanks to the handrail, brackets and the sophisticated joining strip.