January 26, 2017

Oil Aga range cooker lighting instructions

I hope this is of some use to you! It may not apply to all cookers and if in any doubt seek the advice of a professional. Once you've got your cooker nice and hot again do have a quick look at our chefs pads'fits on the runners' trays and more!

Instructions to light an oil fired Aga range cooker...

  1. Open any valves on the feed pipe between tank and valve.
  2. Turn on the electric supply to the oil control valve/box! 
  3. Reset the oil supply by pressing the lever down gently on the control box until it clicks, no need to hold it down.
  4. Check that the manual lever turned to the right and thus on 'automatic'.
  5. Allow 15 minutes then lift away inner door to access burner. Insert a match carefully through the 'lighting flap' and close the flap. If it doesn't light check that fire valve reset button is pushed in. 
  6. Replace the inner oil door and switch off the electric supply to the oil control box.
  7. The flames will burn yellow to start with but soon die down. It takes approx 30 minutes for the burner to get hot enough to vaporise the oil properly. When burning normally the flames should be blue with incandescent (glowing) shells.
  8. Once the flame is correct switch on electric supply to the control box once more. The box will now be controlled by the thermostat and vary between high and low fire mode as required.
  9. Finally keep an eye on the base of the flue as it warms up, sometimes condensation will run down and make its way onto the hob top; clean it up!


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Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


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