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Our Half Size Drying Rack Suits Sophie!

Thank you Sophie for attaching this bold blue pic with your review! 

Half Size Half Hob drying rack suitable for use on Aga range cookers for drying laundry washing on Aga range cookers"A great addition to my drying ability! - I already have the full sizedrying rack but sometimes just want to dry my running shoes or a small pile of washing, maybe while boiling the kettle at the same time so the half size dryerworks really well! It folds flat and is easy to store. Very pleased with it." Sophie, March 2019

So happy to see our half size racksare making folk so happy after they came back into stock earlier this year. 

Perfect for small drying jobs like this, that make your cooker even more versatile that it already is. Duality is useful in a busy household, and being able to prove a pizza dough on a rack whilst you make the sauce on the hob or as above drying your rain soaked running shoes whilst boiling a well earned cuppa is just the ticket!

What do you use yours for? 11 things to use your rack for..

Here are our 'Drying Rack Top Tips' -

  1. When drying washing on your rack, fold it first, saves on ironing (if you do it)
  2. If you are off on a winter walk, lay your scarves, welly socks, gloves and hats out on the rack to warm through before you leave!
  3. Kiddy craft? Use our rack to dry paintings, papier mâché, découpage and much more!
  4. Dry citrus peel slowly on it, rested on greaseproof paper, to make a natural kindling, pine cones work too! 
  5. Dry out kindling sticks, ready for a warming winter fire.
  6. Lay your washing-up on it, to air dry. Or bits from the dishwasher that haven't steam dried, lay a t-towel down first. 
  7. The flat surface is great for drying bulkier items slowly, like pillows, duvets folded, cat & dog beds - we have even seen a horse blanket being done this way!
  8. Slow dry your glut of summer herbs for the winter months on parchment. 
  9. Dry seeds from the garden and store for the next season - free flowers! On the top layer, not too hot.
  10. Try Propagating seeds in trays on your rack or pot shelf, if they require a heated propagator you could save money and energy this way! 
  11. Dry your delicate woollens - after hand washing let them drip dry flat on our rack, over the bath (or kitchen sink if using a Half Size Drying Rack), then easily transfer the rack to the top of your range for the last drying stage. 
  12. Prove your dough gently, in a bowl, on the right hand side of your rack.