Replace Aga range cooker chrome hob caps (and have a little clean at the same time!)

Aga range cooker hob caps are the 4 shiny discs (more if you have a 4 oven cooker) in each corner of your hob. The screw into the hob screws which in turn are attached to the 'tie rods' that hold your cooker together. The hobs screws are just decorative to 'finish' everything smartly but they can become chipped and are always dirty! Follow the instructions below to remove and replace them with new hob caps

  1. Removal... In theory the hob caps should unscrew with a thumbs worth of pressure, they won't! Instead you'll need a small chisel or screwdriver. Place this on one edge of the cap, NOT touching any enamel, and use a hammer to create a small dent on the cap that you can then tap sideways to unscrew it.
  2. Cleaning... Use the scourer or wire wool from our cleaning kit to clean below the hob cap. Degrease with a little astonish or fairy liquid and dry with e-cloth. 
  3. Replacement... Squirt a little WD40 into the hob screw and wipe up any excess on the enamel around it. Screw in the replacement hob caps tightening only thumb tight - you want to be able to remove them for cleaning in the future! 

hob caps replacement guide


Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


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