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Note! We digitally remove the badge from pics on our site as it's not our trademark! 

We ran a little competition over the weekend on our Facebook page. The brief was simple, send us a pic of your cooker to make us all smile. The picture that raises the biggest smile wins a box of 'Lovehearts' sweets and one of our new pot grabs! 

The winning pic is of Blossom below, she just loves coming in the house! Thank you to Camilla for this wonderful pic!

Pig in front of Aga range cooker

But there were so many lovely pics so I have collected them all (that I have permission to share here) up below with a little info on each!

Here are Poppy and Leo practising good social distancing! Thank you Julie for this one!

Cat and dog in front of Aga range cooker

Ann wrote "After a very difficult birth this little triplet was revived with the warmth of the Aga. She’s now residing by the Aga for the next few days much to the amusement of my dachshunds.". Thank you!

Lamb and Aga range cooker

Grace sent this pic of "Our dear Ted, relaxing by the Aga was always his favourite place to be - I think he liked the warmth on his old bones ❤️🌈". Super cosy and very much my 'working from home' mode!

Dog on back in front of Aga range cooker

"This is Jill (spaniel) & Susan (border terrorist) inspecting their new roommates, they’re not too impressed that they can’t get near the cooker!" Thank you Julie!

Lamb in front of Aga range cooker

This is Ella and she MUST be warm at all times. Especially after a hair cut! Thank you Sarah for the pic!

Dog sat on lid of Aga range cooker

Helens cooker here is working VERY hard between snowball fights! Thats one of our drying racks under there! 

Here are Kates pets playing the "Let’s see who can get closest to the Aga’ game 🤣"!

Bramble sits here ALL day! Gemma writes... "we call it Mother Aga as she sits there all day, cries to come in if we are outside!"

And finally thank you Greg for this perfectly posed and colour coordinated pic!