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Springy Spongy Simnel Cake

Community member Denise inspired me to pop a Simnel Cake recipe into our baking guide. 

The Simnel Cake has a history crossed with different influences and tales of its origins. Some say that the boiled then baked recipes are so because of a couple called Simon and Nelly fought about how to make it. Only coming to the compromise of the dual method after giving each other a whack with various utensils! No need to beat each other, this is definitely a bake only recipe!

Blake and Bull baking guide and cookbooks with recipes for use with and suitable for use with an Aga range cooker Photo credits go to @stevecooksbakesmakes, who is a regular contributor to our Baking guide. Although he does admit to losing one of the marzipan spheres! The balls on the top are meant to represent the 11 faithful disciples of Jesus.