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Two Pups & A Drying Rack - before and after kitchen adventures

Back in October We received this photo from Sarah, who despite being in a state of kitchen flux, was overjoyed with her drying rack and was making full use of it! 

"Just thought I’d let you know the new laundry dryer is fab - just need the kitchen fitted now. My champagne Labrador ‘Deacon’ loves it too!! ❤️" Sarah

We love Deacon, what a handsome chap! And now he has a new friend...

"So Kitchen is finally done and our new pup Dala is enjoying the range, Still loving my dryer racks. Would be lost without them."

Sarah we love seeing the results of our communities' efforts in their homes, thank you so much for sharing. 

Katy x


Hob airer for use with Aga range cookers

Ok if you want to dry washing on your Aga range cooker's hob then our hob airers are the answer. We have 3 options. The BIG option is our shown below. It covers the whole hob so provides an enormous drying area. 

hob airer


Option two is our mini hob airer. These fit perfectly on a 4 oven warming cupboard or over half of the hob on a 2 oven AGA range cooker. 

mini hob airer

Finally we have these incredible hob drying rails, they hook in front of the hob. Neat!