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August 24, 2018

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What is bliss?

Molly knows 😴. Cat bed is just one of the many uses of our drying racks! Love the way the second layer hangs ready for use and our drying rail extension is on the cooker too. It's our 'Full Monty' set. A lovely picture thank you Janet!

Drying rack on cream Aga range cooker

August 10, 2018

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A lovely e-mail!

Thank you to Amanda for these kind words about our 'full monty' drying system for use with Aga range cookers.

"Hi Matthew I’ve bought the whole drying system from you over the past year (amongst other things). It’s lovely not having to put the tumble dryer on and using the heat from the aga that would otherwise be wasted. Below are a few photos. I have the two airers and the small one which is perfect for hubbys socks and tea towels... in all, I can dry a large load in one go. Makes washing day easy whatever the weather!"

Drying washing on an Aga range cooker

April 16, 2018

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A great real Aga pic!

Thanks to Chris for this pic and the kind words. Perfectly demonstrates the power of drying with your cooker!

"This thing is great value. It airs and dries king size sheets and all manner of stuff! Conveniently and safely. Revitalising my inner Domestic Goddess and satisfying a houseful of Eco Warriors. Thanks, Blake & Bull x"

Drying clothes on Aga range cooker

A Scottish range cooker with our drying rack and rail

Thank you to Irene for this picture of our drying rail and top airer!

"...arrived as the weather turned Baltic in Scotland and I could not believe how fast everything dried."

Red range cooker drying rack and rail shown

Red Aga range cooker drying a rug!

Thanks to Teresa for this pic! "Our AGA with the first tier of the drying rack and the drying rail in use. I have stuff drying overnight on a regular basis. We also put a towel on the warming plate and stack dishes there to dry as well."

Red Aga range cooker drying a rug!

Red Aga with airer

"Here is a photo of my lovely Aga with one of your lovely drying racks on top. It works so well, solved my drying and airing problems in one fell swoop. I enjoy reading your emails and you info pages are brilliant.
Thanks Blake and Bull." Angela.

Red Aga with drying airer

Another Aga range cooker in full drying mode!

Thank you so much for this review of our drying rack for use with Aga range cooker Lynn!

"I've had this a while now but honestly wonder how I managed without it! Makes great use of all that heat coming off the AGA range cooker when we're not cooking - great for sheets, duvets etc, really cuts down on the ironing needed. Also great for airing ironing to make sure it's really dry before putting away. Folds away neatly when not in use. Invaluable"

drying clothes

Aga range cooker, drying rack & dog!

Thanks to Judith for these kinds words that arrived by e-mail over the weekend! "Absolutely love my new clothes airier and rail. Not even used them to full capacity yet but can see the potential. Many thanks from a very happy customer."
drying dog

A drying rack in Australia!

"I just love my drying rack. It was well worth getting you to post it all the way to Australia from England!

Now my AGA range cooker has more jobs. Cooking, keeping the cat warm, keeping the kitchen snug and drying my clothes."

Love getting e-mails like this :) Blake & Bull drying racks go worldwide!

Aga Range cooker in Australia

An Aga range cooker in full drying mode!

Great pics from Shaun of his Aga range cooker working hard to drying school uniform with the help of one of our drying racks

drying school uniform

drying school uniform

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