September 14, 2017

The best way to make Yorkshire puddings in your range cooker

Follow these instructions and, just like my roast potato recipe, you'll get the best Yorkshires you'll ever have made in your cooker. Maybe (the horror!) you disagree? Send me an e-mail and I shall test your way and report back! If you want to join the discussion on our Facebook page we got dozens of comments on this recent post!

So lets start with ingredients! No surprise here, you'll need eggs, flour, milk and salt. The trick is to use an equal volume of milk and egg. Crack the eggs into a mug noting the level approximately. Pop the eggs into a large mixing bowl and then measure out an equal quantity of milk. Add this to your mixing bowl and then whisk in the flour until there are no lumps. It should be the consistency of double cream ideally. 

  • A good sturdy tin that can hold some heat and has deep 'wells' for the Yorkies, we'll have hot oil in them! We sell the perfect tray (of course!) for making Yorkshire puds in your range cooker.
  • 4 large eggs (good ones!)
  • An equal volume of milk (are you dairy free like my niece? Almond milk works! Use Rude Health brand. It has no nonsense in it and is not too thick)
  • 150 grams plain flour
  • A BIG pinch of salt (I'm a convert to Himalayan mountain salt, the pink stuff, try it!)

Now comes the crucial bit! You need to make Yorkshires in a HOT cooker so make them first. If you wait until last as with a conventional cooker then your Yorkshires will be a rather limp disappointing affair as you'll have used all the heat on the joint and roasties! Just keep them to one side when done and warm them up quickly on the base of the roasting oven when you are ready to serve! 

  1. Grab your Yorkshire pudding tin, avoid floppy silicone Yorkshire trays; these are dangerous with super hot oil.
  2. Fill each cup on the tin with 2-3mm of a light oil. You want something with a high smoke temperature so stick to sunflower oil or a light (cheap!) olive oil.
  3. If you have two shelves (we stock the traditional kind and the anti-tilt fancy modern ones if needed) in your oven then remove one now and pop other on the middle set of runners. These Yorkshires stand tall and strong, annoying when they stick to the shelf above!
  4. Pop your Yorkshire tin on the base of the oven carefully, we want it and the oil within super hot!
  5. While the tin is heating transfer your mixture from bowl to an easy pour jug. Give the tin a good 10-15mins on the base of the oven (we want it smoky/sizzly hot!) and the carefully remove (shut the range cooker door!).
  6. Pour a good slug of your batter into each depression. It should sizzle as it goes into the super hot oil. Pour till the batter covers the base to a depth to a cm or so; don't overfill!  
  7. As soon as you can (but carefully as the oil is HOT!) get the filled tray or trays back in the oven but on the shelf this time. 
  8. Give the Yorkshires 20 mins but check at about 15 mins in case you have a super hot range cooker! Don't check too often or they'll deflate.
  9. You want them totally cooked as then they'll cool with their structure intact and can be reheated to look as good as fresh ones when the rest of your roast is ready.

If you are a soft southern chap like me (true northerners eat Yorkies as a starter!) the only problem with pre-cooking Yorkshire puddings is that there are rarely any left by the time you sit down to eat! 

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Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


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