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The (Not So) Old Stables - Where We Are Now!

If you’ve been keeping up with the sporadic updates from us the last few weeks, you’ll know we moved into the Old Stables (the new Blake & Bull and Britten offices) nearly 2 months ago now! Since then, we’ve had teams working non-stop creating a space that everyone is proud to work in and be a part of. 

It’s extraordinary to see the progress that has been made in the last year, but even more so in the last few months. 

Inside The Old Stables

blake and bull old stables progress image

Blake and Bull Office Progress

The Blake & Bull showroom is almost complete - we’re now just missing the newly converted 4 oven Standard cooker in our new colour, ‘Peoli Yellow’, which we’ll be releasing soon! Sarah has been the mastermind behind this space, and with Matthew, has chosen some wonderful antique pieces to complete the room. Even though this isn’t the final product, it looks great nonetheless. 

Blake and Bull Showroom

In the newly built, and almost complete, studio kitchen, the testing stage is fully underway. The 4 oven Deluxe Electrikit cooker (in another new colour to Blake & Bull, ‘Oak Moss’) is up and running, the chef's aprons are firmly tied and the smell of freshly baked goods is making its way around the office.

Blake and Bull Studio Kitchen

We were lucky enough to be treated to some delicious apple and cinnamon flapjacks this week from the wonderfully talented Sarah Whittaker and Antonia Walls during their test bakes. We saw different techniques for each flapjack recipe, resulting in slightly different looks, but both turned out equally delicious!

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack

We sadly didn't manage to photograph Antonia's batch whole (as it seems the flapjack fairies got to it before we did), but it was no less tasty - even with a few little bites missing! 

Apple and Cinnamon Fairy Flapjack

With all this exciting change, comes even more exciting opportunities for Blake & Bull, and we can’t wait to share them with you in the coming months. 

Blake and Bull / Britten Outdoor Sign

Lastly, we’re sure you’ve noticed that we’ve dropped a few (not so subtle...) hints about some new enamel colours - we're really excited to announce that that these will be available soon to the Blake & Bull collection!

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