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The Slightly Bigger Aga Range Cooker Owners Survey - 2019 vs. 2020

If you can remember far enough back to March 2019, we sent out a short survey to complete about your Aga range cooker. We asked about the size, colour, fuel type and a few other important questions. You can see the full results here

Fast forward to March 2020; with the beginnings of a pandemic underway, we sent out another survey. We heard back from you in the thousands! We couldn’t keep our eyes off these results, rolling in thick and fast. 

We know that at the beginning of the year, things weren’t too different from “normal” and that most of the changes to the world came shortly after this survey was completed. Overall, we didn’t expect to see too many different answers and changes to the 2019 survey.

Sadly, due to a number of factors, we were unable to post the results of the 2020 survey (which we’re sure left you all scratching your heads over the results!).

However, in the great tradition of ‘better late than never’, we’re ready to publish them - all while getting ready for 2021’s survey.


The Aga Information 

We didn’t see much change in the Aga range cooker models our survey takers have at home, and much of this stayed the same. 

 2020 Aga Information Aga Owners Survey Results

The Personal Stuff

Every year we have a great time seeing what our customers (and fellow Aga owners) like, dislike and love about their beloved range cooker. This year was no exception. 

2020 Likes and Dislikes Aga Owners Survey Results

On top of these wonderful results, we also received some other positive comments that we couldn’t miss out on sharing - such as “it heats the water”, “it’s always ready to use”, and “it’s the heart of the home”.

As with most things, there are also some dislikes. Unsurprisingly, the price of fuel was the biggest ‘dislike’ of owning an Aga range cooker! As well as this, we received a few comments relating to other frustrations on owning a range; “it’s too hot”, “it's unreliable”, “it takes too long to warm up”, “the colour” and “it’s always on, and it’s not very green”.

If you’re experiencing any problems with the heat of your Aga cooker, either with it being too hot, being unreliable, or taking too long to warm up, we would recommend contacting your Aga service person to undergo an annual service (or even a more in-depth health check to identify any potential issues). It could be as simple as needing new insulation, or an at-home DIY refurbishment!

Unfortunately, one of the downsides to owning an Aga range cooker is that the fuel types are not always as environmentally friendly as we would like. To improve this, there is always the option of converting to the Electrikit system - depending on your energy provider, this can be run using clean energy! On top of that, the Electrikit system allows you to have more control over the temperature of your cooker, and when you would like to switch your cooker on or off.

2020 Kerb Appeal Aga Owners Survey Results

Life of The Aga

We work with Aga range cookers that are sometimes 80 years old, and feel that this really begs the question - what life has the Aga had before we’ve seen it? 

2020 Life of The Aga - Aga Owners Survey Results

With 41% of survey-takers inheriting their Aga, and the remaining 59% installing, this result stays exactly the same as in 2019.



Whereas the results are mostly the same here, we did see some interesting shifts - particularly with the more traditional colours like “British Racing Green” and dark blue’s becoming less popular. 

2020 Colours Aga Owners Survey Results

With colour trends changing frequently, especially over the last 18 months, we know that people have decided to bring more colour into their homes. We can’t wait to see what the 2021 results will be! 


Seasonal Questions

When it comes to range cookers, when (or if) you turn them off is a hotly debated question. Whereas factors like fuel type, kitchen size, personal preference, and oven size come into play, it’s good to remember that each home and range cooker is different. 

2020 Seasonal Questions Aga Owners Survey Results


To finish up our 2020 survey, we asked the most important question - on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being absolutely YES), would you recommend an Aga range to a friend?  

This time, a huge 85% of you answered 8 to 10! This is a big improvement from our survey in 2019.

2020 Would You Recommend Aga Owners Survey Results In some instances, we don’t expect to see much difference between 2019 and 2020, particularly with regards to common models and oven size. But some results really did pleasantly surprise us, with more people happy to recommend an Aga range cooker to their friends, and the shift away from the more traditional colours.

However, over two years on from our last survey, a global pandemic later, and interior trends changing (almost) daily, we would love to hear from you in our 2021 survey, and you’ll receive a £5 voucher toward your next Blake & Bull purchase.