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Tickled pink By This Textiles Review

Thank you Lindsay for this review! What a gorgeous home too!
"I love the smart black textiles for my range cooker, smart and efficient made with a quality fabric. They compliment our newly painted grey kitchen units and I particularly appreciate that the towelling part of the oven gloves is also black so those nasty little 'burnt on brown bits' don't show up too much!"
We pride ourselves in the small details, and black towelling here seemed the obvious choice to keep our black textiles looking great for longer.                                                                                                                                                            
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Ian Weeks

Ian Weeks

Ian is a very well travelled local chap and our ultra reliable general manager. He joined Blake & Bull after many years in the bike industry and is still a keen cyclist. If Ian is not on his bike then you'll find him in his garden. He is unfailingly friendly and cheerful - give us a call and ask for him if you have a re-enamelling or conversion query!