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Totally Useful & Utterly Versatile - That's Why We Love Them!

Thank goodness that you lovely lot never fail to surprise us! Pam (check out her lovely cottage!) got in touch to show us her tabacco leaf drying!

"Drying home grown tobacco leaves - for organic pest control, I hasten to add! Well you do say you can dry anything!!"

Drying leaves plants flowers over an Aga range cookerGrowing tabacco is perfectly legal in the UK, as long as you do not intend on selling it! Pam has only one mission with hers, pest control. A natural and organic way to control soft bodied pests whilst you over winter your plants in the greenhouse. You can soak it in water and use as a spray! 

Do you remember the last time that Pam got in touch? She had us all smiling with her handsomely poised wooden bunny! 

< Here's how to dry blooms, leaves and foliage above your Aga range cooker, a blog from spring but still current!