May 31, 2016

Another 'real Aga' range cooker!

Thanks to Lisa for sending me this pic of her 2 oven Aga range cooker with 'Dotty' hob covers! I'm really enjoying these 'real Aga' range cooker pics and am going to make it a series I think! 

Lisa's message with the picture was "Thank you love my new covers! Flower ones next!"

2 oven in cream with 'Dotty' hob covers by Blake & Bull

May 27, 2016

A lovely message about our hob covers!

A lovely message and these cute pictures arrived this morning, thank you Katrina! 

"Love our new dotty covers and wax melt, thank you :)"

Labrador with cream cooker

Dotty Blake & Bull hob covers

April 11, 2016

An extraordinary review of our Rose Geranium scented wax melt

I cannot thank Melissa enough for this review of our Rose Geranium melt. It is heartfelt and lovely. Crazy to think of a quintessentially British AGA range cooker humming away in Portland, Oregon! 

"I live in Portland, Oregon (USA) with a beautiful 2-oven British racing green Aga range cooker named Agatha. We love her, and we love Blake & Bull's new scented wax melts, too! I may be the first person in the states to buy these, but I look forward to buying more, even though they have to travel nearly 5,000 miles. Totally worth it!

The Rose Geranium is absolutely spectacular!!! I would say that the scent to me is more peony than either rose and/or geranium, but then I love the smell of peonies so it's a win-win. When I first put the melt at the back of Agatha, the house smelled quite lovely in about an hour or so. As it melted down more, and I went about doing my work and chores in the house, I found myself forgetting about the melt but suddenly looking up for a big, gorgeous and expensive floral arrangement. That's just what it smells like: a posh floral bouquet. Sadly, no flowers, but you'd think so by how wonderful it smells! I also like how I can move it along the back of the cooker, just like Matthew instructs, when I want a little scent or a lot. At first I thought the white wax inside the black vessel distracted the eye, but it virtually disappears and all becomes "black" when it's melted. Genius! 

I have a Gin Tonic & Lemon coming and can't wait to enjoy that one as well. Matthew, you and the missus keep drinking the wines and coming up with great stuff!!!"

Rose geranium melt

April 09, 2016

Aga range cooker re-enamelling in Bedfordshire

Some good pics from a re-enamel near Bedford recently, another good example of poor insulation under the hob. With only a thin layer of insulation between the hotplate barrel (600dc) and the hob you can imagine how much heat was disappearing into the kitchen without cooking a single sausage! Solved with a vermiculite top up and a new super thick top blanket on top before the hob was replaced.

April 09, 2016

S hooks for use with Aga range cooker towel rail now in the online store

I've been looking for these for ages, finally tracked some down that are very good quality and the right size! They are available now in the online store.

S hook for towel rail

March 31, 2016

How not to clean your Aga range cooker!

I have another cleaning product to add to the list (along with Cillit Bang!) NOT to use on Aga range cooker enamel. Rebecca, heartbroken owner of an electric Aga range cooker barely a month old, e-mailed me these pictures yesterday and I have tried to help but reluctantly concluded that the top glaze of the enamel has been damaged. You can see it below. 

enamel damaged by cleaning

The product in question is Dettol 'Power & Pure' - it does not say to avoid use on enamel but it doesn't say it is safe for it either so do bear that in mind when looking at cleaning products. I always advise to have a good scrub when the cooker is off and cold with hot soapy water or to use one of our cleaning kits. There are so many chemicals in household cleaning sprays that it is difficult to know if they are in a combination that will damage enamel. 


March 31, 2016

Can you dry washing on an Aga City 60 range cooker? Yes!

Great thanks to a customer of ours Steve who wrote to me about his city Aga range cooker.

"I only have my top oven on baking setting so there is not that much heat spare although the kitchen always feels lovely and cheerful. I was surprised though how the warmth actually gathered under the items on the rack and did dry/air beautifully. A further benefit of even a small Aga!"

Thank you! You can find our drying racks for use with Aga City 60 range cookers here.

March 05, 2016

Fishing dog!

Fishing Dog!

A video posted by Blake and Bull (@blakeandbull) on

February 08, 2016

Gas Aga range cooker horseshoe enamel flue shroud added

I just updated one of our products to include the option for a new flue shroud plate for use with post 1974 Aga 'deluxe' range cookers that were factory made to run on gas. Just buy the one that looks like yours as they are all standard sizes! As always get in touch with questions.

Gas enamel flue shroud horseshoe plate

January 22, 2016

How to clean Aga range cooker side panels

Aga range cooker side panels are unique, there is no other part of your cooker that is the same. It's not enamel or stainless steel but in fact is simply painted tin. They match the front colour of your cooker of course but unlike enamel it's not very tough, in fact it is very easy to damage! 

Luckily it can be cleaned when the cooker is on, the secret is soaking. You can scratch the paint finish very easily using wire wool or strong scouring pads so to start with pop some towels down and soften the grease and muck using lots and LOTS of hot soapy water, Fairy liquid really is an extraordinary degreaser! 

Agitate the suds gently with a soft (ie very old) scouring pad or even just a normal sponge. It's best to do this while doing other things so you don't get impatient! How long it will take will very massively but you need to soften the grease that is dried on - keep your soapy water HOT! If necessary I'll do this over several hours while I am on-site at most jobs. 

Over time this method should dissolve most grease marks but sometimes you just have to get a bit tough with the scouring pad (never wire wool) and give a good scrub. Done gently you can avoid most damage to the paint finish but some 'lightening' is likely. 

If your side panel is really damaged then replacing it is a real pain as all the insulation inside immediately falls out when you remove the panel. Consider re-painting the panel instead (radiator paint is a good option) or hiding it altogether with a strategically place shelving unit created by a friendly carpenter or joiner! 

Hope that helps, get in touch if you have any questions! 

side panel cleaning

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