August 09, 2016

Lovely lovely Aga range cooker pic with our hob covers

Thanks to the Porter family for this pic of our 'Good dog!' hob covers on their cooker. Their, now sadly departed, Labrador 'Bryn' used to snuggle up in front of the Aga range cooker as all dogs do! You can see a gorgeous painting of him above the wall. 

"...the very smart 'Good Dog!' us remember him and make us smile."

hob covers


June 22, 2016

A real Aga range cooker after a mini-refurb

Thanks to Emily for taking the time to post these pics and reply to all the questions!


June 13, 2016

Dorset real Aga range cooker!

I re-enamelled this cooker in Dorset back in May. It was alone in the kitchen then but has now been surrounded by a brand new and lovely looking kitchen - dog looks very happy! Thank you Susannah!

"Just thought I'd send you a picture of how good the Aga looks now post-facelift and with the kitchen finished. I'm thrilled, as is the dog! It's working so much better as well. We're so pleased with what you did so thank you very much indeed."

Aga range cooker in Dorset


June 13, 2016

A real Aga range cooker in Washington State, USA!

Thank you to Linda for this post to our Facebook page!

"Your leaf covers made it all the way to Whidbey Island (north of Seattle). We love our Aga range cooker as does one of our corgis who huddles against it most evenings."

Range cooker USA

June 11, 2016

Mini DIY jobs, stackers, scents and 'real Aga range cookers'...

I hope you are all well! This week I've written some blog posts on mini DIY jobs you can do to improve the look and efficiency of your Aga range cooker. All are easy and quick! I've also updated my 'About us' page - do have a read if you'd like to know more about Blake & Bull and our other businesses!

I've had lots of people send me pics of their range cookers and our products recently. I've been putting these on Facebook (4100 'likes'!) but also have a collection page too - 'Real Aga range cookers' - please send me yours and I'll add and share them!

Finally I have had a lot of stock deliveries this week. All our kitchen scents (melts, candles and diffusers) are now in stock ready to go. The new scent 'Lily of the Valley' is particularly lovely! In addition I now have stock of the 'stacker' doubler units for our drying racks. I know it's summer and hanging the washing out becomes possible but if you are still using the Aga range cooker no reason to not dry washing on it!

Have a lovely Sunday! Matthew

June 10, 2016

How to clean your Aga range cooker's flue shroud

The image below shows one type of flue shroud but there are more depending on fuel type age of the Aga range cooker. They are mostly similar though and almost all simply lift off the cooker, sometimes with a little wiggling required! 

Should you be unable to get the shroud looking good, or if it heavily chipped or stained, sometimes flue effluent is acidic and marks the enamel, then we sell replacement flue shrouds

flue shroud

Once you have the shroud off then cleaning it is very simple - pop it in the dishwasher! Dishwasher tablets are mildly caustic which is fine for enamel and it will usually do a very good job. For mild leftover bits try using our cleaning kit and for really stubborn deposits soak the shroud in a strong solution of soda crystals (available from supermarkets) overnight and use a sponge scourer and warm water in the morning to remove the softened muck! 

June 10, 2016

Replace Aga range cooker chrome hob caps (and have a little clean at the same time!)

Aga range cooker hob caps are the 4 shiny discs (more if you have a 4 oven cooker) in each corner of your hob. The screw into the hob screws which in turn are attached to the 'tie rods' that hold your cooker together. The hobs screws are just decorative to 'finish' everything smartly but they can become chipped and are always dirty! Follow the instructions below to remove and replace them with new hob caps

  1. Removal... In theory the hob caps should unscrew with a thumbs worth of pressure, they won't! Instead you'll need a small chisel or screwdriver. Place this on one edge of the cap, NOT touching any enamel, and use a hammer to create a small dent on the cap that you can then tap sideways to unscrew it.
  2. Cleaning... Use the scourer or wire wool from our cleaning kit to clean below the hob cap. Degrease with a little astonish or fairy liquid and dry with e-cloth. 
  3. Replacement... Squirt a little WD40 into the hob screw and wipe up any excess on the enamel around it. Screw in the replacement hob caps tightening only thumb tight - you want to be able to remove them for cleaning in the future! 

hob caps replacement guide


June 10, 2016

Replace Aga range cooker door washers

This post has been replaced by a whizzy new page! Follow the link below...

Sorry for the inconvenience! Matthew




June 07, 2016

A wonderfully colour co-ordinated Aga range cooker kitchen!

Another 'real Aga' range cooker image, send me more! Thanks to Diane for the words and picture, Aga range cooker perfection!

"Thank you for the chefs pads that arrived today. They are lovely. I thought I'd send you a picture of them sitting pretty on my AGA range cooker lids. I'm very OCD when it comes to colour coordination and these compliment my kitchen superbly. Thank you so much."

Dotty hob covers

June 02, 2016

Chicken hob cover on 'real Aga' range cooker!

Love this picture from Michelle of her immaculate Aga range cooker with chicken hob cover, tea towel and oven glove! 

"Love my chicken cover, oven glove and tea towel!"

4 oven black Aga range cooker

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