October 09, 2014

New flue shrouds for use with Aga range cookers now available!

I've just added lovely glossy black enamel Aga range cooker flue guards for both pre 1974 and post 1974 Aga range cooker deluxe's to the online store. If your flue guard looks like this you know what to do! 


October 06, 2014

New Aga range cooker door liner replacements now available!

Good news! I've just added an Aga range cooker door liner replacement kit, at the request of a customer!, to the store. You can find the kits at the page - door liners/insides, DIY replacement kit, for use with Aga range cookers

Kits for all supported Aga range cooker models are available. If you aren't sure which model you have then check out our handy guide to which Aga range cooker you have

So if your cooker's door liners are hanging off or look like the picture below then perhaps it's time you had some new ones! 

door liner

September 25, 2014

An eggshell blue vintage AGA range cooker!

This was a lovely job to do. I love these old AGA range cooker colours, they just don't make em like they used to! I didn't replace the lid chromes on this job but did do the lid liners. It was a real delicate job. Whilst it was not clean it didn't look too bad and had obviously been looked after by the previous owners. In practice this meant that what was left had been there for 3 decades and it took a lot of time to get right. 

Eggshell blue AGA range cooker lid

Dirty AGA range cooker hinge

How to clean an AGA range cooker

Newly cleaned AGA range cooker

Clean AGA range cooker lid enamel

September 23, 2014

Turning on your gas Aga range cooker?

The temperature has dropped in recent days and maybe you are starting to think about turning your AGA range cooker on for the winter (if indeed you turned it off!). I'm not going to go through the whole process, your AGA range cooker's manual or the instruction plate inside the door should walk you through it, but I want to re-iterate a couple of important safety issues. 

Lets start with the basics, servicing. Your AGA range cooker is a gas appliance like any other. It's slightly more esoteric than your normal boiler but still needs a service every year. Don't be tempted to skip this. Any GasSafe registered engineer should be able to help although in practice some faint hearted engineers may baulk! Firstly you don't want gas leaks but secondly you also want to be sure your flue is operating properly and removing combustion gases from your kitchen. Don't be silly, get it done!

Now for an important aspect of your gas AGA range cooker's start up instructions that is easily missed. You'll notice that the instructions are to run the cooker on low for some time. DO NOT IGNORE THIS! The reason is that you need to warm the flue, and the the air in it, slowly. If you don't then you create a big chunk of warm air that gets stuck below the cold, heavy, air already in the flue. Eventually of course this cold air does swoosh past the warm and as it descends down the flue (imagine a lava lamp movement speeded up!) and out the bottom of the AGA range cooker this cold air passes the burners and blows them out. The gas will continue to flow and build up inside the cooker. This, as you may imagine, is bad. Were you to try and re-light the cooker at this point the ignition spark will ignite all this gas at once and this also, as you may have imagined once more, is bad (yes I have done this *gulp). Instead if you notice your cooker has gone off after it has been lit you should turn the gas off and leave it for a long long time for any gas build ups to clear before you try again. 

By following the instructions properly you shouldn't have the slightest problem relighting a gas AGA range cooker but do remember to let it warm up slowly! 



September 16, 2014

AGA range cooker flue blocked?

If you remove the flue shroud from your conventional flue AGA range cookeryou'll see an angled plate that is designed to catch any falling debris from the chimney before it gets to the lower reaches of your cooker's combustion system. If the debris plate looks like the below picture then it's doing it's job but you also have a problem. That plate should look like the lowest picture. If the build up has taken 20 years then simply hoover it up and keep an eye on it. If though it's happening over a period of weeks or months then you need to have your flue swept! It's quite a simple job as the chimney brushes can go up this opening but make sure you get it done. A blocked AGA range cooker flue is not a good thing, you'll have carbon monoxide in your kitchen!  

September 09, 2014

Dirty horrible lid handles on your Aga range cooker?!

The lid spring handles get horrible. Not only do they rust and corrode but the grease in them, the inevitable result of using your cooker!, attracts grease and dust, horrible! 

Luckily I've just added shiny new spring lid handles for Aga range cookers to our online store, shop away

Spring handle for Aga range cooker

September 08, 2014

New lid liners at a clean in Bath of an Aga range cooker

Loads of pictures below, forgive the dust and marks in the 'after' pictures, I was working in a building site! I replaced the lid liners (this is what it looks like if you buy our lid liner kit), door liners and thermometer amongst a few other bits and bobs! 

August 22, 2014

Lots of pictures of an Aga range cooker refurb in Kent!

Sorry this post is a bit image heavy but they do the job justice! A gorgeous timbered house in Kent, under renovation for 2 years, needed a smart cooker to match. You don't see many brown ones (I've only ever seen 2!) but it looks great in the end don't you think? I changed the lid chrome tops for new ones, sorted the insulation, changed the hotplate expansion rings, new door liners and more! 

June 29, 2014

Touch up paint for use with Aga range cookers, before & after picture

Even the worst chips can be radically improved in appearance by a bit of touch up paint! In the picture below the chip has gone right through to the metal. As its not a flat surface filling it is not possible but you can see how painting it means your eye is not drawn to the chip, most casual visitors wouldn't even notice it!

You can buy our touch up paint for use with range cookers in lots of colours here.

June 26, 2014

'Good food on the AGA '...spotted!

Spotted at a customers house, a first edition of Ambrose Heath's 'Good food on the AGA' from the 1930's. Never seen this illustrated cover before!