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Saved from demolition! A Standard Aga Range Cooker Rescue!

These pics show the distance some cookers travel in their time with us. Not geographically but from worthy only of scrap to installed in a new home to be loved for decades longer. More info is on each picture!

This cooker was spotted by a friend of Blake & Bull and resident of South Wraxall near Bradford on Avon. The house behind was being demolished but the cooker had been plonked wholesale into the garden. The demolition guys, hardended as they are, could not bear to break it up. Perhaps a good demonstration of how fondly Aga range cookers are regarded by all who come across them! With their help we lifted it onto our lorry and began the transformation of this cooker to the glorious 'Clementine' you see in the next pic!

This colour is bold but works so well in the new kitchen of the friend who spotted the cooker. It was installed in the early 1950's and has travelled just a few doors down via our workshop and will be hard at work for another few decades now I reckon!

This is a 'Standard' model made between 1941 and 1972. It's a 4 oven as you can see and now a Blake & Bull 'eCook' electric cooker. We do nothing by halves, every aspect of this cooker was restored inside and out!

The proof is in the pudding of course, in this case the Yorkshire pudding! Top marks in this pic for getting some Blake & Bull lid covers in too!

This is the beating heart of a Blake & Bull 'eCook' electric cooker. The temperatures of the hotplates are controlled independent of each other and the ovens by the dials on the right. Super simple and reliable! The left hand dial controls the left ovens temperature and the digital display controls the main oven. You can set the target temp to within 1 degree! With the flick of a switch of course you can turn the whole cooker off if not needed for a day or two!

Matthew Bates

Matthew Bates

Matthew is from a farming family near Bath and a graduate of King's College London who decided not to follow the 'standard' path into banking or the law. He has been working with these fabulous cookers in some form or another since 2003. Matthew runs Blake and Bull from beautiful Bradford on Avon, near Bath. Alf the golden retriever makes sure the working day finishes at 6pm sharp - dog walk time!