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A Beautiful Home, Kitchen & Cooker - We Felt Very Welcome - An Ivory Re-enamel & Conversion

Rarely have we felt so welcome, and we are normally made to feel very comfortable. This home has soul, and we were very happy to be involved in this much loved cookers makeover. 

Mr G loved the whole experience of us being there, and it was nice to see such enthusiasm for our work. A kindred spirit! 

How great it was too to have this follow up mail -

"Hi Matthew,

I just wanted to say how brilliant Philip and Joel were. They were polite, professional and just fantastic. Nothing was too much bother and they endured me asking questions all the time they were here. I was fascinated to watch the process. I cannot recommend the two fellas highly enough. They were great. You probably hear this all the time but these guys have improved my families life exponentially, as we haven’t cooked a proper meal in months, ever since we moved in. I will admit I was very moved when it was all finished. I and my wife a very grateful and wish you every success in you business as you a ray of light in your ethic and the people who work for you are amazing. Thank you again! Just beautiful!

Kind regards


An Aga range cooker converted and restoredMr G's Pre'74 white ex solid fuel, then oil Aga range cooker has worked hard for many years. And will now do so over again, but more cheaply and a little bit smarter..


An Aga range cooker converted and restoredThe insulation had compressed, become fragmented and given way to massive air gaps.  


An Aga range cooker converted and restoredThe old door liners had no seals, quite normal in some older models! But it does mean that you risk heat transfer from the main body of the machine to the door. Making it harder to touch the surface, and the inside of your ovens cooler. 

Mr G and family chose Ivory for the new vitreous enamel coating, a warm colour, but not as buttery as Northern Counties Cream for example. Ivory is our cream 'mid tone'.


An Aga range cooker converted and restoredI always find it so satisfying to see how neatly the Electrkit control panel sits in the recess left by the internal ash pit door. We can convert Pre'74 and older. Remember this old girl from 1946, handed down through 3 generations?


An Aga range cooker converted and restoredI love the Warmth of the Ivory enamel, versus the cold white. It looks like a better fit with the eclectic styling in Mr G's home. I like seeing my chooks on the hob too! I think they are right at home with the wood tones and soft blues. BIG fan of the tiles too!

All round, a job that made us happy! Happy to do what we do. Another 'Ol gal revived and set to save the family money, give them more control, and keep them fed. Job. Done. Thanks Mr G!

Katy x