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This pup made sure everything was pawfect for his owners on site this week

Philip and Matt found themselves under the watchful eye of this lovely pup during a 4 oven 'Standard' complete re-enamelling this week. 

"Sausages..?.. just checking that there's nothing in there before you start chaps! .. nope, ah well, carry on..."


A beautiful machine in classic Racing Green, this old girl was just in need of a pre-season spruce up, by way of a new top, new lid liners and door liners, and a re-enamelled refurbed front and hob covers. 


What a difference a day, a fair bit of heavy lifting, a new coat of enamel, and some TLC makes. Small details often pack the biggest punch, as these new lid liners show. And the standard enamel lids look beautiful in their new coat..



Customer satisfaction is why we do what we do, and Steve was so happy he wanted to show the world, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to look after her!  

"Shiny shiny refurbed Aga thanks to the wonderful guys at @blakeandbull. This is #upcycle extreme - all the ‘new’ parts are in fact very smartly recycled parts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it. So happy." Nov 2018