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A Grey Oven, But No Grey Skies In Lancashire

A racing green post '74 oven awaited Philip, after his trip to Fife. The landscapes were no less impressive as he journeyed south through the beautiful counties of north England. We really are very lucky to do what we do,..

Not only does Philip get an eyeful of this,..


But we also have the pleasure and privilege to work in your beautiful homes. We were on-site to carry out a full re-enamel. A colour change from Racing Green to Light Grey, a very pretty soft colour, that is warm and up-lifting. 


On first sight it looks as though there is too much to achieve in less than one day, but in reality we do 75% of the hard work before we even come on site. This minimises mess, so that we can work clean.And means that although your cooker may not be hot enough to cook that evening's meal (takeaway time, YUM!), it will be fully 'fired up' for a corker of a breakfast the next day. 

When your door seals become flattened and exhausted by all the hard work they do, you can start to lose heat from your ovens. Small details too like missing washers on the door hinges lets heat move from the range into the door, making the door hotter and your oven cooler. Part of our re-enamelling service is making sure that you have the most efficient machine that you can, replacing and re-insulating as we go. 

Big Brutesteps in at this stage, as the expired insulation is sucked out! The vermiculite can drop over time, making the top of the cooker expel heat. Rockwool, most commonly used as a top blanket also compacts, and gaps are created when the vermiculite drops, making it ineffective too. We top up your insulation, exposing these quite beautiful inner workings - maybe I am a bit of a geek to think that!? The burner barrel looks like the heart of the machine to me...


Reassuring to know that the insulation is good now for another 10-15 years. If it has been this long since yours has been topped up or replaced, this is a DIY job that you can do to immediately improve your oven's efficiency. We use a modern mineral fibre insulation blanket to ensure that a snug fit is achieved for minimum heat loss. 


Doesn't the Light Grey colour choice look fresh here? One of 38 colours it lifts the space and tones in brilliantly with the warm stone surround here.

Unsure of what you would choose? All of our colour sample tile orders are fully refundable. There is no hurry to get the tiles back to us, live with them for a while and see how they look at different times of the day and night. They are compact, Take them along to kitchen showrooms when you are choosing your units, and if they give you a unit/wood sample, lay them side by side in your own lighting and home. 


What a difference a door makes! New ropes seals are fitted around the non-stick door liners, a Blake & Bull favourite! A very satisfying before and after.  

If you are curious about what our re-enamelling service entails, there is no better place to start than our information pages. We do love to chat too, so if these pages still leave you wanting, please do pick up the phone for a natter! 

If you then want to know more, show off your cooker! Send us a snap of your beloved oven and we will be able to provide you with advice, honed after years of experience inside and out of these lovely machines, and a no-obligation bespoke quotation.

Here's looking forward to next weeks adventures in enamel! Bring It ON!

Katy x