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A sunny road trip for our engineer Philip as he travelled to the glorious Peak District

Knockout views greeted 'busy-bee' Philip last week as he travelled to install a re-enamelled post '74 front, swapping the green enamel to a sleek black. 

Our full re-enamel service covers the whole of the UK, and we are very lucky to do so when views like this greet us.


We offer a choice of 37 colours.


When considering a colour change, it is important to understand why vitreous enamelis the only real choice for your range cooker. It is heat resistant, easy to clean (when you know how), and lasts a lifetime. Aesthetically it is beautiful, and available in many many colours. There really is no compromise. 


 The oven tunnels were replaced, a quick cosmetic fix, along with some new insulationto help the oven retain heat and maintain temperature.