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An Aga Range Cooker Refurbishment - Supersized!

What a whopper, and we must say a joy of a job to do! Hard work yes! But when you stand back and take her in, it was worth every moment down to the tightening of the very last screw. It took all of our three skilled engineers to make it possible, and two delightful clients of course!

Such a remarkable change from the before shot, we would not blame you if you doubted us that this is in fact the same machine..

A 6 oven aga range cooker reconditioned re-enamelled and converted to electric by Blake and Bull UKThis Post '74 was collected whilst the homeowner carried out their renovations. Whilst in our care she was united with a module (supplied by our clients) and they were re-enamelled together. 

A 6 oven aga range cooker converted to electric and fully re-enamelled in Claret vitreous enamel.The keen eyed amongst you will spot that it is a Post '95 module, characterised by its integral joining strip and bolt on door catches. To ensure that the separate machines  sat well together we made sure to install a post '95 warming cupboard hob and strip too. It is all about the detail!

A 6 oven aga range cooker converted to electric and fully re-enamelled in Claret vitreous enamel.I love a good 'open door' shot, it shows the level of work, nothing to hide here! The door liners were carefully refurbished with classic aluminium liners, and updated with high performance insulation. A shiny new warming cupboard shelf was dropped into place (we sell these, an easy DIY upgrade for instant inner oven appeal!). Small details from springy rope seals, to new chrome caps were secured into place, then the Blake & Bull boys stood back to enjoy their work. 

This, now 6 oven, will be far more efficient now too. The 4 oven has been converted to electrikit, always a good idea, and here is why! For one thing there is no flu, just a discreet small vent pipe, making kitchen planning that bit easier! 

This reminds me of the commercial ovens made by Aga range cookers in their early years, substantial ranges made for ships, stately homes, schools and hospitals. Spanning whole walls and upwards of 6 ovens. I would love to go back in time to be a fly on the wall in those kitchens. Just imagine the heat, the smells, the industrious chefs! 

What an honour to be asked to do this! Whats next, 2 four ovens joined together!?

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