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A dark blue cooker completely re-enamelled

Find out more on our 'Aga range cooker re-enamelling & refurbishing services' homepage.

Some fab pics from yesterdays re-enamelling job! This is a 'Standard' cooker in dark blue that needed a serious refresh. You can see how dull the enamel was with grease and age. Above the burner door you can see dark stains, probably from when this cooker was a solid fuel model. More info on each pic and, as usual, the logo has been digitally removed as it's a trademark.

This cooker has long ago been converted to oil from solid fuel and now it was time for a refresh of the enamel. You can see how dark and stained the lids have become for example!

Oxford blue 'Standard' Aga range cooker

The enamel on the hob is worn away almost completely and looks dull with a 'matte' finish.

Hob with raised lids of 'Standard' Aga range cooker

The hinge is a good example of why this was needed - beyond hope!

Hinge area of 'Standard' Aga range cooker

Top is off and messy top blanket insulation removed. We've also removed the mid left air control panel (totally redundant in a converted cooker) and the doors.

Aga range cooker with hob and lids removed

Naked cooker! You can see the oil pipe snaking its way to the burner bottom left!

Stripped 'Standard' Aga range cooker

Tucked up like a bug in a rug - layers of cosy insulation! The new front is now on.

Insulation under hob top of 'Standard' Aga range cooker

Looking stunning if I do say so myself! This is our 'Royal Blue' and its a touch brighter than 'Oxford Blue'. The logo has been removed digitally but the numbers on the now redundant air dial (front mid left) we have stencilled in again - they are there if you look closely! Every part that is blue has been fired together to ensure a perfect colour match!

Re-enamelled royal blue 'Standard' Aga range cooker