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From British Racing Green to Black!

This is a quite fun series of pictures as the cooker changes completely and is visible from the sides which shows off the smart new side panels. This is a post-1974 'Deluxe' model running on gas that now looks brand new and super smart with its non-stick door and lid liners. More info with each picture and as always badge has been digitally removed as it is a trademark...

This is British Racing Green and while it's by no means the worst cooker we have seen its time for a change and refresh.

British Racing Green 2 oven Aga range cooker

Up close you can see why - the hob is worn and encrusted with the usual baked on grease.

Hob top and lid of Aga range cooker

First things first lets remove the lids and hob screws along with the expansion ring around the hotplate. From this angle you can see how poor the insulation is under there!

Hob top and hotplate of Aga range cooker

With the few bits of insulation removed you can see how low the vermiculite it - this cooker will be much more efficient when we are through with it!

British racing green 2 oven Aga range cooker

When removing side panels we have to remove all of the insulation for obvious reasons. This gives a great view of the 'heart' of the cooker that will remain unchanged.

Dismantled Aga range cooker

New front is on along with the side panels. The white insulation you can see is where we lag crucial parts separately before refilling with vermiculite. This is exactly how new cookers are insulated so this one will be up to 'new' standard.

Black front on Aga range cooker

Now the vermiculite goes on top!

Vermiculite filling an Aga range cooker

Final layer is a top blanket of ceramic insulation, super efficient this and we use the same in the door and lid liners.

Mineral wool insulation in Aga range cooker

Now we are getting somewhere - top and lids are on and looking fab! The top is black, just seems to look grey in this light.

Black re-enamelled Aga range cooker

Dressed with our 'Dotty' hob covers - well done Philip! ;)