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Phil carries out a Blake & Bull full re - enamel under the watchful eye of the homeowners fastidious feline

We love the job satisfaction that a full re-enamel and fancy chrome top replacement gives us, especially when we get to see the owners initial reaction first hand. It was so good he got a bacon sarnie! 


It is a privilege too to be gifted the responsibility to care for machines that have been on a journey and are very much loved. 


With this conversion the post '74 British racing green hob covers were swapped for a domed post '95 chromed set. These were chosen to maintain the original silhouette of the classic domes.


Once the new covers were in situ, the range comes to life and struts it's stuff dressed in it's best bib and tucker. It's often the small things that make the most impact like our hob top and lid cover spare parts kit. If you are not ready  to undertake a full re-enamel , a mini refurb and a good clean might be the solution for you. 


The hob insulation was changed too to a more efficient ceramic fibre blanket that will retain more heat in your cooker.


These homeowners are mid way through achieving their kitchen dreams and we cannot wait to see the result!


It was a relief to Phil that his feline companion for the day gave his approval, clearly quite a discerning young man and a fan of the new supreme grey enamel.