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Our On-site services team are staying home and staying safe right now. Downing tools temporarily but certainly not forever!⁠This brief respite in our ordinarily packed schedule gives us the opportunity to look back over our back catalogue. ⁠

What a transformation! Now this much loved workhorse, a Pre'74, sits well in the homeowners stylish and homely kitchen. 

This before pic is the perfect example of a cooker, after decades of unwavering service to the home, looks like it might need replacing in its entirety. 

But there is simply no need for the expense. This is a proper revival story, now the cookers enamel is restored to its original factory finish, but in a more contemporary and fitting Graphite Grey.

Simply the most satisfying thing for our engineers is seeing the results of their careful labour styled by our customers in their homes. Thanks to Lex for sharing his finished kitchen, 6 months on from when we visited to refurbish their 2 oven. 

Bridget made a confident colour choice (from our selection of 38) for her re-enamelling works and the whole 'look' of her kitchen is a resounding success (we think!). Saxon blue is a lovely choice because it is both bold and timeless. We love it! 

A joy to revive this one piece hob too, we do not see a lot of these!

Last week the sun shone and summer felt like it had arrived with gusto! The sun was shining too in Robin & Sylvia's kitchen when we installed this Golden Yellow Pre'74 Deluxe.

Blake and bull UK - kitchen ware, cookware, textiles, bakeware laundry racks & drying racks, linens, refurbishment services,  spares, cleaning,  re-enamelling, recipes, baking trays, baking tins, baking goods for range cookersJan was super happy with the results, such an honour to give this oven a new lease of life. It's second conversion to date, as it was once solid fuel.  "Hello Matthew, Greetings from Hadrian’s Wall country! We are still stunned to think that we went from our rather tired-looking old white Aga range cooker to a stunning new royal blue on in just over five hours - although I know that a huge amount of work took place in the workshop before Phil ever set off. We are just blown away by the quality of your product - and the excellence of the service we received. I honestly thought that I’d have to spend next weekend cleaning my kitchen - but Phil and his giant vacuum left it cleaner than it was when he arrived! Must dash now as I can’t stop nipping in to the kitchen to admire the range! Kind regards Jan

  • 2 min read

Re-enamelling service in vitreous enamel suitable for Aga range cookers Refurbishment and re-enamel of an Aga range cooker by Blake and Bull Uk The new front is on! This is proper vitreous enamel to our very high standards. We call this 'Northern Counties Cream' and its very close to the classic colour everyone knows and loves. You can order colour samples here and see what your cooker might look like! The front now has it's air wheel, purely decorative of course, and looks fabulous!

  • 2 min read

Find out more on our 'Aga range cooker re-enamelling & refurbishing services' homepage. There are definitely less solid fuel cookers around these days but many still love them. Mr K is one of them and he wanted his cream pre-74 'Deluxe' given a new lease of life. Needless to say that is no problem for us, we love the slightly unusual jobs! The colour Mr K chose for the next 50 years of this Aga range cookers life was 'Claret' and it looks resplendent!

The pics are Philips fault and his normal mix of weird angles, poor focus and darkness but hopefully you'll get the idea! I've added more info above each one for those of you who are sad enough to be interested

Ok this cooker has seen better days. Solid fuel does take a toll on enamel with soot etc and sheer age has had an effect here too. The enamel is worn and dulled with the movement of countless pans! The air wheel is top left of the front to control flue draw. Even the thermometer front plate has lost all its markings!

  • 2 min read