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Thank you to Jan for posting these before and after pics to her stunning Instagram account @bleetcottage. It is always such a privilege to be part of these stories and what a testament to the emotional power of Aga range cookers. Not a single thing survived of the old kitchen, except the cooker. In many ways Aga range cookers ARE the kitchen. Without them its just another room...
Thanks Mr S! 😊 "Just to say a huge thank you to Matt for coming out yesterday... Great job and we are thrilled... Delighted to say "Crumpet" is thrilled too! Very happy customers." Another happy re-enamelling customer!

Good morning all! The images in this album are from Tuesdays work in the North of England! Philip, our senior technician, led this job but was ably assisted by Preet our newest trainee technician! This was in fact his first ever job with Blake and Bull and only his second day with us after a long journey up to Cumbria from our Wiltshire base on Monday!

Worth noting as always that the badges are present in real life, we digitally remove them from our images as they are not our trademark. We are of course proudly independent!

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I have a lovely before and after shot for you today of an Aga range cooker re-enamelled last week by Joel! We don't do too many bright colours like this but I think it really 'pops' and creates a real feature. The modern trend is for calming greys of course but this is such a lovely way to go too! 

This is a 4 oven cooker of course and a 'Deluxe' model. We can date it to between 1974, when they were introduced, and 1995, when the towel rail changed. After 1995 the number of towel rail brackets reduced to 3 and the rails joined in the middle. You can see this cooker has worked hard!

Sian got in touch with a couple of pics of the cooker we collected, refurbished and re installed earlier in the year. 
A lovely couple of pics here after we installed a Blake & Bull 'eCook' 2 oven late model reconditioned Aga range cooker earlier in the year! A spectacular kitchen!
We loved the re-enamelling results from this job on Tuesday, a real impact and the new colour, 'Pillar Box Red', gives such a pop of colour and life into the kitchen.
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Some fabulous pictures here for you as we installed one of our reconditioned next generation electric 'eCook' Aga range cookers. In subtle light grey this cooker looks fab .....
Why do people convert to electric? So many reasons (see here!) but important to say that this is not the old fashioned early electric conversion which have such a bad reputation
Another rather impressive illustrated splash back! What a lovely bunch of plump feathery chooks all in a row! John's home was a joy to work in, thank you for having us.

A thorough refurbishment cleaning service suitable for Aga range cookers Re-enamelling service in vitreous enamel suitable for Aga range cookers Refurbishment and re-enamel re-coating re-surfacing of an Aga range cooker by Blake and Bull Uk Ruth chose Dark Pewter, a swap from blue to fit with her new scheme, which we cannot wait to see! We loved Ruth's kind words! - "We have had our Aga range cooker for over 22 years and it really is “one of the family”. You can therefore imagine our dilemma when we decided to have a new kitchen and we could not find one we liked that went with our blue range. We were on the cusp of ordering a new one when we found “Blake & Bull” on the internet. It only took a quick call to Matthew to discover that they could give our existing Aga a “face lift” which would give our faithful friend a new lease of life and we could have the kitchen of our dreams. The day of the surgery arrived and we were expecting the worst but we should not have been concerned; Philip and his assistance Matt were brilliant! Our Aga range cooker was stripped in no time and was soon resplendent in its shiny new Pewter suit. And what about the mess? Well; there was none; in fact our kitchen was cleaner when Philip and Matt left than it had been when they arrived. Thank you very much for a five star service; please book us in for another one in 22 years time!"


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