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What A Way To End Our Refurb Year!

And it has been a fun packed, many a colour, many a cooker and many a mile kind of a year.How nice to end with a Pillar Box Red Pre'74, shiny like a Christmas Holly Berry! These onsite photos come accompanied by these warm words from the lovely homeowner Carol. 

"I just want to say a big 'thank you' to Philip and Joel for not only an excellent morning's work, but also to say what a pleasure it was having them both here. They were extremely polite and friendly and made the job less stressful for myself!

Thank you again and have a Merry Christmas. Regards, Carol "


A white pre 1974 aga range cooker before restorationA hardworking much loved cooker in a warm homely room....


Always so satisfying to see the hob, well used having served her family well, transform into this..

A pillar box pre 1974 aga range cooker restored by Blake and BullI love a classic! Pillar box red makes for such a happy welcoming cooker! The badge is there, just digitally removed. All cast parts are original, and carefully restored. 

< We are now booking into April for our restoration works! Call or email now if you would like to know more!