Drying Racks & Rails for Range Cookers

"The traditional drying rack for use with Aga range cookers has huge capacity, you can dry almost anything, but the front rail extension is super clever. Use it for folded sheets or towels and they dry beautifully flat. The smaller clothes dryer can be used over a 4 oven cookers warming plate or over a single hob of a 2/3 oven cooker, great if storage is tight." Matthew (meet our friendly team)


More Info on our Drying Racks and Rails for Aga, Rayburn & Everhot range cookers ..

Our selection of high-quality drying racks and rails have been specifically designed for Aga, Rayburn and Everhot range cookers, and help to create extra capacity for drying almost anything.

Drying clothes or other laundry directly on your range cooker can damage your range cooker's enamel, so these handy drying racks help to utilise the heat of the range cooker without causing any damage. We also have ceiling and wall-mounted pot and pan drying racks, which help to utilise your kitchen space more effectively.

Our range includes:

  • Stove-top drying racks
  • Drying rail airers
  • Ceiling and wall-mounted pot and pan racks

If you want to send us a picture of your drying rack or have any questions, please get in touch!